Filtration in Metallurgy Industry

Guarantee High Filtration Efficiency in Each Process – Hydraulic System Filtration & Hot Gas Filtration

Metallurgy industry is an important raw material industry that supplies metal materials for various industries. Among them, hydraulic systems are widely used due to its high power, high precision and easy to achieve electrification control. So, ensuring the normal operation of hydraulic systems is of great importance, and the hydraulic system filtration is also an essential link. Meanwhile, pollution gas generated in the process of the metallurgy industry should not be overlooked, and requires air dust filtration.

- What problems need to solve?

In the metallurgy industry, hydraulic systems are widely used. As they are working under harsh working conditions, impurities tend to come into the hydraulic systems easily. If no filtration is performed, these impurities will damage the hydraulic systems and affect the normal operation of the metallurgical process. In addition, gases generated in the metallurgical process, if discharged into the air directly, it will pollute the environment, so air dust filtration is also important in the metallurgy industry.

  • Damaged hydraulic systems
  • Affecting subsequent procedures
  • Low working efficiency
  • Environmental pollution
- What we can serve for you?

As a specialist in metallurgical filtration, we offer a wide variety of premium filtration solutions and filter elements/cartridges for numerous applications in the metallurgy industry to face the challenges and solve them.

  • Maintain the stable operation of hydraulic systems
  • Ensure the normal operation of subsequent procedures
  • Improve working efficiency
  • Protect the environment
What Can We Serve for You?

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