Chemical Filtration Removes Chemical Impurities and Ensures Product Quality

Various production processes of chemical industry are inseparable from filtration, from the raw material impurity removal filtration to material precision filtration, and then to the liquid-liquid coalescation-separation filtration. During the process, choosing the right filter element is a necessary to help achieve product filtration and purification.

In the chemical industry, raw materials always contain acidic or alkaline substances, or corrosive substances. So the material properties must be taken into full consideration when selecting the filter element.

How Boedon Solve?

Boedon offers a variety of filter elements for chemical filtration, including candle filters and coalescer separation filters. Sintered candle filters have excellent corrosion resistance and adopt to the harsh filtration environments of the chemical industry. Coalescer separation filters are used in gas-liquid separation or liquid-liquid separation applications of the chemical industry, thus making the finished products clean and free from impurities.

What Boedon Supply?
Candle Filter
Coalescer Separation Filter