Polymer Filters for Various Polymer Filtration & Separation Processes

Plastic products, plastic recycling, rubber products and even our cloths we see everywhere in our daily life, can never be separated from polymer filtration during the production.

This is essential in all polymer processing processes. That's because polymer melt contains a large number of impurities that can affect the quality of polymer products and even damage extrusion, plastic molding or fiber/filament spinning processes, etc.

During the polymer melt filtration, filter elements work under high temperature and high pressure environments, therefore, metal filters can meet various requirements of polymer filtration applications.

How Boedon Solve?

Boedon supplies a variety of polymer pleated filters, polymer sintered filters, polymer leaf disc filters, polymer extruder screens and polymer continuous filter belts. These products can withstand high temperature and high pressure conditions and have their own features. You may choose the right filter elements based on your application.

What Boedon Supply?