Demister & Tower Packing for Efficient Liquid-Gas Mass Transfer

Packed towers are used increasingly in a variety of applications in the chemical process industries, such as scrubbing, distillation and precipitation.

During packed tower, if the tower packing malfunctions, the mass transfer efficiency is greatly reduced and cause limitless problems and the entire process will suffer consequences that can be costly as well as lead to fines and shutdown.

Besides, if the filtration and separation is weak, there will be lots of pollutes discharges entraining valuable elements.

How Boedon Solve?

Boedon offers demisters and tower packings for distillation, scrubbers and other packed towers to increase surface areas, minimize pressure drops and improve mass transfer efficiency. No matter you want to build a new unit or replace your existing packing towers, our specialist will select the appropriate tower packing products for each application to ensure efficiency, performance and service life.