Coalescer Separation Filter for Solid Particles and Moisture Removal in Chemical Liquids

In the chemical industry, oil-water separation or gas-liquid separation is required to ensure the products are free from impurities and trace droplets. Therefore, chemical compatibility and hydrophilic or hydrophobic properties of filter material must be taken into fully consideration.

Coalescer separation filter is mainly used in liquid-liquid separation and gas-liquid separation applications, aiming to filter out trace droplets (water or oil) and solid particles from gases, or remove another dispersion from liquid. So, it can classify and purify various media and effectively protect downstream crucial equipment.

How Boedon Solve?

Boedon offers coalescer filter elements made of polyester layer or glass fiber layer after special processing. It has good compatibility with various liquids and its multilayer composite structure can effectively filter out solid impurities and coalesce small droplets into larger droplets. Separator filter elements are made of Teflon with natural oleophilic and hydrophobic properties to effectively retain and capture larger droplets and ensure the smooth passing through of oil liquid.