Tubular Backwash Filter
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Multiple Connected Tubular Backwash Filters for Continuous Filtration

Tubular backwash filter is mainly constructed of V-shaped wedge wire screens. It is installed in tubular backwash filter housings, aiming to remove suspended solid contaminants from various low viscous liquids such as raw water, sewage water, gasoline and diesel. It purifies the fluid and protects the downstream key equipment, and is widely used in the backwash filters in petrochemical, water treatment and other fluid filtration applications.

Tubular backwash filters are made of stainless steel, Monel and other alloys. We can choose the right filter material to perfectly match up with your applications according to your filtration environments.

Multiple connected tubular backwash filters are displayed.
Working Principle

Two or more tubular backwash filters are generally connected for continuous operation. The fluid enters from the filter inlet and impurities in the fluid are trapped on the surface of the filter element, and clean liquid flows out from the filter outlet. When the system reaches the preset pressure value, the backwashing sequence is triggered. At that time, there are 2 backwashing modes for you to choose from. One is internal backwashing mode by using the system's filtrate to clean the inner surface of the filter element from the upper direction, and impurities fall off from the inner surface and are discharged from the drain; The other one is external backwashing mode by introducing external clean water or gas to backwash the filter element. All filter elements are backwashed one by one, and will not interrupt the normal filtration of the fluid.

The working principle diagram of tubular backwash filter in external backwashing model.
  • Material: stainless steel: stainless steel (304/316L, etc.), Monel, etc.
  • Applicable viscosity: < 50 cps
  • Filter rating: 20–500 μm
  • Operating temperature: 0–250 °C
  • Backwash differential pressure: 70 kPa – 130 kPa
Tubular backwash filter specification coding interpretation
Table 1: Specifications of Tubular Backwash Filter
Model Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Filter Area (m2)
BD-TBW-6-20 60 200 0.08
BD-TBW-12-40 120 400 0.30
BD-TBW-18-60 180 600 0.68
BD-TBW-24-80 240 800 1.21
BD-TBW-30-10 300 1000 1.88
BD-TBW-36-120 360 1200 2.71
BD-TBW-42-140 420 1400 3.69
BD-TBW-48-160 480 1600 4.82
BD-TBW-54-180 540 1800 6.10
BD-TBW-60-200 600 2000 7.54
Notes: Other specifications are available upon request.
  • High strength wedge wire screen
  • Highly precise V-shaped slot size, low pressure drop
  • Multiple connected for continuous filtration during backwashing
  • 2 backwashing mode options
  • High filter rating, stable water quality
  • Short backwashing period, low water consumption
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