Leaf Filter Element for Efficient Edible Oil Filtration

Edible oil is seen everywhere in our daily diet and its cleanliness is closely related to our health. The most common edible oils are vegetable fats and oils. The crude oil extracted from plants contains a large number of solid impurities and needs to go through a series of processing such as filtration, decolorization and dewaxing before getting finished edible oil. Leaf filters can effectively remove impurities in crude oil, pigments in oil and waxes in fats and oils to ensure that we can get high quality and safe edible oil.

How Boedon Solve?

Boedon offers a variety of leaf filter elements, which play an important role in edible oil filtration. Leaf filter elements often work with filtering aids before filtrating to effectively remove pigments and other impurities in the edible oil. Beside, it can also be used to remove the wax in the oil and improve the appearance quality of the edible oil to ensure that the edible oil will not become cloudy in winter due to crystallization. It is also used for filtration in petroleum and chemical industries. You may choose the right leaf filter element according to your working environments.