Filtration in Ceramic Industry

Guarantee High Filtration Efficiency in Each Process – Hot Gas Filtration

Ceramic industry is an industry that uses clay and alumina as raw material to produce ceramic products. Ceramic is obtained after crushing, mixing, molding and calcining. During the process, high temperature calcining will produce large amounts of gas containing dust. Filtering these gases is an indispensable link in the production process to ensure that the flue gas discharged into the air will not do harm to the environment.

- What problems need to solve?

Calcining is an essential part of the ceramic production process. In this process, particle pores in the ceramic body are eliminated by removing a small amount of gas or impurities. In addition, a large number of high-temperature flue gas containing impurities particles and other pollutants is produced, if directly discharged into the air, it will cause pollution to the environment and even endanger human health. Therefore, hot gas filtration is an important link in the process and should not be overlooked.

  • Harmful gas endangers human health
  • Prominent inflammable and explosive problems
  • Difficult waste heat recovery and utilization
  • Environmental pollution
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As a specialist in ceramic filtration, we offer a wide variety of premium filtration solutions and filter elements/cartridges for numerous applications in the ceramic industry to face the challenges and solve them.

  • Lower the harmful gas damage to human health
  • Reduce the occurrence of inflammable and explosive accidents
  • Achieve waste heat recovery and utilization
  • Protect the environment
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