Various Other Filter Elements for Your Option

In addition to polymer filtration, fluid filtration, chemical filtration and edible oil filtration, we also offer a variety of other filter elements to meet your various industrial filtration demands.

For example, in blast furnace ironmaking, fluidization plate is adopted to keep pulverized coal fluidizing; in the process of coating spraying, spray gun filter is used to filter out particle impurities in paint and catalyst thickener filter disc is employed to recover the catalyst. Moreover, we also offer customized filter elements and solutions according to your filtration requirements.

How Boedon Solve?

Boedon offers a wide range of other filter elements including fluidization plates, spray gun filters and catalyst thickener filter discs. Fluidization plate keeps the pulverized coal fluidizing to facilitate pulverized coal transportation. Spray gun filter can effectively remove particulate impurities in paints to avoid poor spraying quality arising from particulate impurities. Catalyst thickener filter discs can effectively filter out suspended solids in chemical catalyst to recover clean catalyst for participating in other chemical reaction.