Filtration in Refineries

Guarantee High Filtration Efficiency in Each Process – Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer, Filtration & Separation

Refineries are factories that process waste materials, animal fats, etc., into industrial fats, oils, and various other products. Filtration plays an important role in the whole process as it concerns whether waste materials can be converted into high-quality products for our industrial production and daily life.

- What problems need to solve?

In oil refining process, processes are interrelated. Many of process relies on the filtration to accomplish the desired reaction and separation. If the vapor droplets are not removed in the primary processing crude oil distillation, it will directly affect the secondary processing catalytic cracking, and then affect the quality of the final commercial oil products.

  • Affecting subsequent procedures
  • Lower products quality
  • Waste of resources
  • Environmental pollution
Our Products
- What products we supply to solve them?
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As a specialist in refinery filtration, we offer a wide variety of premium filtration solutions and filter elements/cartridges for numerous applications in refineries to face the challenges and solve them.

  • Ensure the normal operation of subsequent procedures
  • Improve products quality
  • Convert the filtered "waste gas, waste water and industrial residue" into useful resources
  • Protect the environment
What Can We Serve for You?

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