Superior Filter Materials Ensure High Efficient Filtration

Filtration is an essential link in steel, petroleum and chemical industries. It ensures the quality of industrial products and provides sufficient securities for our life. The selection of filter material is crucial to industrial filtration as it concerns how to remove impurities without affecting the production environment. Therefore, in terms of filter material selection, the properties of different filter materials shall be taken into fully consideration. Only choosing the right filter material, perfect filtration results can be achieved.

How Boedon Solve?

Industrial filter elements offered by Boedon are made of high quality filter materials and can meet Customers' different filtration requirements. Boedon supplies woven mesh, sintered mesh, sintered felt, sintered powder filter, knitted mesh and perforated metal filter materials and provides superior raw materials for various industrial filters. Meanwhile, we can recommend the right filter material based on your filtration requirements and working conditions.

What Boedon Supply?