Wedge Wire Backwash Filter
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Wedge Wire Backwash Filter for Filtering Low Viscous Liquid at High Flow Rates

Wedge wire backwash filter is a filter element constructed of high quality V-shaped wedge wires and support wires. It is generally installed in backwash filter housings in a way of multi-core forms, aiming to remove solid particle contaminants from various kinds of water and low viscous liquids and making sure the cleanliness of liquids meet the requirements of system operation and downstream process. In this way, it also protects the downstream key equipment, ensures the efficient operation of key equipment and extends its service life. Therefore, it is widely used in the backwash filters in oil & gas, water treatment industries, etc.

Wedge wire backwash filters are made of stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, Monel, etc. We can choose the right filter material to perfectly suit to your application according to your filter media.

A backwash filter housing and multiple wedge wire backwash filters are displayed.
Working Principle
  • Filtering Status. The liquid containing impurities flows inside from the filter inlet. Part of the liquid flows inside directly from the filter lower end and the other part flows through the central distribution tube into the filter upper end and then flows inside the filter element from the upper end. The filter element begins filtration from the upper and lower ends at the same time. The filtered clean liquid flows out from the filter outlet through the internal surface of the filter element. Contaminants are intercepted by the filter elements and the filter cake slowly accumulates, which leads to gradual pressure drop increase and flux decrease.
  • Backwashing Status. When the pressure drop or time reaches the preset value, the automatic self cleaning sequence will be triggered. The gear motor drives the backwashing rotation arm to aim at the filter element. The upper end of the filter element is covered by the sliding block and the lower end is coupled to the backwashing nozzle. The backwashing valve opens. The differential pressure between the filter element's outside and the backwashing outlet makes the outer clean liquid reversely flush the inner surface of the filter element at high speed. The filter cake is dislodged and purged through the sewage pipe. After all filter elements have been cleaned, the backwashing sequence is finished.
The working principle diagram of wedge wire backwash filter in filter condition.
  • Material: stainless steel (304, 316L, etc.), duplex stainless steel (2205, 2507), Monel, etc.
  • Applicable liquids: all kinds of raw water, cooling water, process water and low viscous liquids (< 40 cps), TSS < 300 ppm.
  • Filter rating: 50–2000 μm
  • Operating temperature: 0–95 °C
  • Backwashing differential pressure: 0.05 MPa– 0.07 MPa
Wedge wire backwash filter specification coding interpretation
Table 1: Specifications of Wedge Wire Backwash Filter
Model Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Filter Area of Single Filter Element (m2)
BD-WBW-6-20 60 200 0.08
BD-WBW-12-40 120 400 0.30
BD-WBW-18-60 180 600 0.68
BD-WBW-24-80 240 800 1.21
BD-WBW-30-10 300 1000 1.88
BD-WBW-36-120 360 1200 2.71
BD-WBW-42-140 420 1400 3.69
BD-WBW-48-160 480 1600 4.82
BD-WBW-54-180 540 1800 6.10
BD-WBW-60-200 600 2000 7.54
Notes: Other specifications are available upon request.
  • Uninterrupted filtration during backwashing
  • High strength and good corrosion resistant filter material
  • V-shaped opening structure, not easy to clog
  • Multi-core structure, large filter area
  • High filter rating, stable water quality
  • Short backwashing period, less water consumption
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