Filtration in Pharmaceutical Industry

Guarantee High Filtration Efficiency in Each Process – API Filtration & Finished Drugs Filtration

Pharmaceutical industry is an industry that concerns disease treatment, prevention and health care. Quality control is an important step in production. Of which, filtration is an essential link as a proper filtration system can remove debris or other contaminants, prevent inferior drugs or medicine products and ensure the purity and safety of drugs.

- What problems need to solve?

In the process of pharmaceutical production, the API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) is the material basis of drug production. Impurities in API will directly affect the subsequent production of drugs. Material washing and drying, decarbonization, decolorization and other processes are inseparable from filtration. Besides, sterile air and steam required in the production process also need to be filtered. Inefficiencies in one process will directly affect neighbour process and even affect the whole process. It will cause immeasurable loss.

  • Affecting subsequent procedures
  • Inferior drug quality
  • Low production efficiency
  • Affecting people's health
- What we can serve for you?

As a specialist in pharmaceutical filtration, we offer a wide variety of premium filtration solutions and filter elements/cartridges for numerous applications in the pharmaceutical industry to face the challenges and solve them.

  • Ensure the smooth operation of subsequent procedures
  • Improve products quality
  • Improve working efficiency
  • Safeguard people's health
What Can We Serve for You?

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