Separator Filter Element
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Separator Filter Element Effectively Prevents Droplet from Passing Through

Separator filter element is made of Teflon material with natural hydrophobic property after special processing. Oil flows from outside to inside of the separator filter element. The outer Teflon material can effectively prevent droplets from passing through, leaving droplets on the surface of the filter element. These droplets coalesce to form larger droplets under the gravity and settle to the bottom of the filter shell, while oil passing through the filter element smoothly, thus realizing oil-water separation.

2 separator filter elements and hydrophobic material details
Working Principle

Coalescer filter element makes the coalesced larger droplets settle to the bottom of the filter shell, while small droplets that have not been coalesced require further separation by making using of the hydrophobic property of separator filter element. Separator filter element makes these droplets settle to the bottom of the filter shell and flow out from the drain valve. Clean fuel is collected by the separation filter tray and flows out from the separator outlet.

The separation process of the separator filter element
  • Teflon Mesh. It has natural hydrophobic property to effectively prevent droplets from passing through.
  • Plastic Protection Mesh. It is used to protect the outer Teflon mesh.
  • Support Mesh. It is used to support the plastic protection mesh.
  • Inner Frame. It is made of carbon steel and supports the whole filter media.
Separator filter element marked with every layer structure and material
End Cap Type

The same as coalescer filter element, one end of separator filter element is also sealed for fixing the filter element in the coalescer separation filter. The other end is opened and mostly flat end caps. The metal flat end cap is also provided with a seal ring to offer good seal effect. End caps are customized according to customers' demands.

Separator filter element with a flat end cap and a rubber seal ring
  • Frame: carbon steel perforated metal
  • Filter media: Teflon
  • Disposable: can be washed for reuse
  • Features: good hydrophobic property, great oil passage capacity; large filter area, simple structure, easy to install.
  • Recommended operating temperature: 115 °C
  • PH range: 5–9
Separator filter element specification coding interpretation
Table 1: Specifications of Separator Filter Element
Model Length (mm) Inner Diameter (mm) Outer Diameter (mm)
BD-S-29 290 89 152
BD-S-58 580 89 152
BD-S-73 730 89 152
BD-S-86 860 89 152
BD-S-114 1140 89 152
BD-S-145 1450 89 152
Notes: Other specifications are available upon request.
Filter Element Replacement Conditions
  • Damaged filter media. It may lead to incomplete oil-water separation.
  • Unqualified water pouring test. Water resistance goes down and lead to incomplete oil-water separation.
  • Teflon with good water resistance is adopted to create good separation effect.
  • Carbon steel inner frame support is provided for long lifespan.
  • Good lipophilic property, prevent water droplets from passing through while allowing oil to pass through smoothly.
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