Why Choose Metal Hot Gas Filter for Industrial Hot Gas Removal Applications?

Recently, iron and steel, energy, non-ferrous metallurgy industries grow rapidly, a large number of hot gases containing dust particles is generated during the production, if discharged into the air directly, it is bound to pollute the environment. Therefore, hot gas filtration is essential to the environment protection.

Currently, organic fiber dust collector bags prevail on the market. This kind of dust filter bag is lightweight and low price. However, it has poor resistant to high temperature and easily damaged. When cake is forming on the bag, it will cause clogging and not easy to clean.

There are also ceramic fiber, glass fiber and other inorganic fiber filter bags on the market. Ceramic fiber has good resistant to high temperature and corrosion, but poor ductility and easy to rupture when the temperature rises suddenly. Glass fiber has high strength, but poor folding resistance and wear resistance.

How Boedon Solve?

Boedon offers 3 types of metal hot gas filters. These filters can not only effectively overcome the disadvantages of poor high temperature resistance and easily damaged exists in organic fiber filter bags, but also overcome the disadvantages of ceramic fiber and glass fiber. The metal filters can withstand the harsh filtration environment such as high temperature or acid and alkali corrosive gases, and have obvious advantages over other non-metallic materials.