Custom Filters
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Boedon Meets All Your Custom Filter Demands

No matter you need to remove harmful contaminants from liquids or gases or separate a material from another, you will always get a desired result from Boedon. We have full capabilities to provide you with best custom solutions from development, design and manufacturing aspects. We will communicate with our customers about the product details and their working environments and turn the design ideas into reality. In the end, we will offer custom filters with reliable functions and fitting for actual working environments.

Various custom filters are displayed.
Customization with Special Requirements

We can offer a full range of metal materials and master a variety of processing technologies to meet the special requirements of custom filters in actual working environments.

1. Metal Materials

We offer a full range of high quality metal materials including most popular stainless steel 304, 316L, carbon steel, brass, copper, Monel and other alloys. These materials can be made into woven mesh, sintered mesh, sintered felt, sintered porous filter, knitted mesh and perforated metal to meet the requirements of various filtration applications.

An unfolded stainless steel woven mesh roll is displayed.

Stainless steel

An unfolded copper woven mesh roll is displayed.


An unfolded brass woven mesh is displayed.


2. Processing Technology

We have a broad range of welding equipment and technologies to provide our customers with most reliable connection for every weld joint. We have multiple cutting lines and advanced cutting technologies to cut filter materials into desired sizes and shapes. We also master advanced CNC punching technologies to produce perforated metal in various patterns and sizes. Besides, we also have pleating technologies to increase the filter area of the filter media and improve the filtration efficiency.

  • TIG/GTAW welding
  • Roll welding
  • Spot welding
  • Laser cutting
  • CNC punching
  • Pleating

For more information, please refer to fabrication

Customization According to Samples

If you have samples, you can send them to us. We have years of manufacturing experience and expertise in the filtration field. In addition, we are familiar with the structure of filter materials and filter products and have the capabilities to produce filters of the same or even better quality according to samples.

We aim to provide our customers with best custom filters & filtration solutions and deliver these superior solutions within limited period.

Contact us and make your own custom filters & filtration solutions.

The designer shows the custom filter design drawing to the customer.