Filtration in Resin Industry

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Resin industry is an industry that takes polymer compounds as raw materials to produce plastic products. Resins are divided into natural resins and synthetic resins by source. In the process of processing resin into plastic raw materials, filtering impurities in resins is of great importance as it ensures the plastic raw materials are clean and free from impurities.

- What problems need to solve?

Resin is solid, semi-solid or liquid at room temperature. It has a softening and melting range when being heated. When it softens, it has a tendency to flow under external forces. During processing, foreign matters and impurities in the polymer will lower the quality of resin and eventually lower the quality of plastic raw materials. So, polymer filtration is an indispensable link in the resin industry.

  • High equipment shutdown frequency
  • Poor quality plastic raw materials
  • Low working efficiency
  • Short life of key equipment
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As a specialist in resin filtration, we offer a wide variety of premium filtration solutions and filter elements/cartridges for numerous applications in resin industry to face the challenges and solve them.

  • Reduce equipment shutdown frequency
  • Improve products quality
  • Improve working efficiency
  • Extend equipment service life
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