Quick and Free Calculator of Demister Pad Separation Efficiency

Type in the column ambient parameter and demister pad parameter to get the separation efficiency immediately.

Column Ambient Parameter:
Gas Flow kg/h
Gas Density kg/m3
Liquid Flow kg/m3
Gas Viscosity kg/(mxs)
Minimum Gas Groplet Diameter μm

Demister Pad Related Parameter:
Support Bar Width mm
Pad Diameter mm Range: 200 mm – 7000 mm
Wire Diameter mm
Wire Mesh Density kg/m3
Height mm
Weight by volume kg/m3
Porosity %
Specific surface area m2/m3
Filtration efficiency
* If it fails to achieve your desired filtration efficiency, please increase the class="key" td of demister pad accordingly.
A sketch of demister pad separating liquid and gas.