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Boedon – Aim to Efficient Filtration Material Supply & Solution Design

Boedon focuses on the field of wire mesh production for 21 years, we supply highly efficient filtration & sieving products and provides reliable filtration support and precise sieving solutions for industrial production to cope with increasingly harsh industrial filtration challenges.

By integrating the high-quality raw material producers in the industry, the strict and efficient quality control team and the concept of creating value for customers, we are continuously developing and innovating to let every customer in the world can enjoy high-quality products from China.

  • 23+ Years experience
  • 90+ Customer Countries
  • 1000+ Filter Elements Ranges
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
Filter Materials

Good filter materials guarantee our end products' quality and convenient for your further process and replacement.

  • Woven Mesh
  • Sintered Mesh
  • Sintered Felt
  • Sintered Porous
  • Knitted Mesh
  • Perforated Metal
Woven Mesh
  • Basic material in filter elements production.
  • Multiple materials fit for any extreme working conditions.
  • Numerous mesh combinations capture all tiny particles or impurities.
  • Plain, dutch, twill and other weaving method satisfy different filtering requirements.
Sintered Mesh
  • Withstand high temperature and corrosive solvents.
  • Ideal material for candle filters in polymer and chemical filtration
  • Stable structure, excellent backwashing performance and extra long service life.
  • Different mesh sizes and weaving method sintered structure satisfy different filtration requirements.
Sintered Felt
  • Can be pleated for maximum contacting area.
  • Stable performance under 600 °C high temperature for long term use.
  • Sintered from metallic fibers, with three-dimensional structure for high porosity.
  • The lightest weight than the sintered mesh and sintered powder filter under same filtration fineness
Sintered Porous Filter
  • Micron sized filtration fineness.
  • Sintered from metallic powders, which has excellent permeability.
  • Stable acid and alkali chemical property for extreme conditions use.
  • Withstand up to 900 °C high temperature and easy backwashing stability.
Knitted Mesh
  • Major material of demister pads for liquid & gas mass transfer.
  • Special designed interlock structure for outstanding capture performance.
  • Fit for distillation, scrubbing, absorption, purification and other industrial process.
  • Multiple material options satisfy different temperature & corrosive conditions.
Perforated Metal
  • Pre-filters for pipeline liquid filtration
  • Strong support and protection for filter elements
  • Easy fabrication and cut-into-shapes and long service life.
  • Different materials options for corrosive or high temperature use.
Solve every filtration challenges
Industrial Filtration

Filtration is critical to each process during industrial production. Boedon aims to contribute to and guarantee the pure and green industrial production.

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Innovation Together

Boedon never stop innovating. We are willing to embrace challenges, and work together with our honored customers to develop more filtration products fit for specific applications and industrial needs.

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