Learning of Random Packing Filling & Precautions



Random packing is a type of granular body with a certain geometry and size, generally stacked in a random manner in the tower, also known as random packing or granular packing. Random packing has been used for many years in fractionation, absorption, and steam stripping operations in natural gas, refineries, and chemical plants, with significant benefits. In addition, for some installations with severe contamination or corrosion, the packing needs to be replaced frequently. Random packing is ideal for these units because it is easy to store and replace.

Random packing of different materials and shapes


According to the material, random packing is divided into metal random packing, ceramic random packing and plastic random packing.

Metal random packing with different shapes

Metal random packing

Ceramic random packing with different shapes

Ceramic random packing

Plastic random packing with different shapes

Plastic random packing

According to the shape, random packing is divided into ring packing, saddle packing and ball packing.

3 random packing pall rings in different colors

Random packing – pall ring

3 random packing cascade mini rings in different colors

Random packing – cascade mini ring

2 random packing saddle rings in metal and ceramic materials

Random packing – saddle ring

2 random packing supper saddle rings in plastic and ceramic materials

Random packing – supper saddle ring

2 random packing tri-packs

Random packing – tri-pack

2 random packing polyhedral hollow balls

Random packing – polyhedral hollow ball


Metal Random Packing Oiling

There is a thin oil layer on the surface of the new metal random packing, which may be formed by the lubricating oil used in the processing of metal random packing; it may also be the anti-rust oil added to avoid corrosion of carbon steel random packing in the process of transportation and storage. The existence of this oil layer is not allowed for some systems. For example, in an air separation system, the oil layer washed down with liquid oxygen coexistence can cause an explosion. For the aqueous solution system, this layer of oil can prevent the formation of liquid film, for some alkaline systems can also cause solution foaming, so the applications of the oil should be clarified. If oil needs to be removed, remove it before the equipment starts. In order to facilitate the removal of the oil layer, the random packing lubricant is better to use water-soluble. However, carbon steel random packing should be stored in a dry and closed place, and should not be removed in advance to prevent rusting.

Ceramic Random Packing Debris Removal

New ceramic random packing and refilled ceramic random packing should be sieved off the debris in it, sometimes it needs to be removed by hand one by one, the bulk ceramic random packing is inevitably broken during transportation, the large pieces of broken ceramic random packing can still be used, its flux has decreased, the pressure drop has increased, but the separation efficiency will not decrease.

Random Packing Support Plate Installation

A stainless steel random packing support plate
Packing/Filling Method

Wet Packing

Ceramic random packing and non-carbon steel metal random packing, if conditions allow, should use the wet packing method. Using wet packing, after installing the support plate, and filling the tower with water, the random packing from the water surface above gently pour into the water, the random packing from the water floating down, the water surface should be higher than the random packing more than 1 m. Wet packing can reduce packing breakage and deformation. Wet packing also increases the uniformity of random packing, the amount of random packing is reduced by about 5%, the filler flux is increased and the pressure drop is reduced. Therefore, wet packing should be used as much as possible in the case of restricted flux.

Dry Packing

The use of dry packing should always be poured from a certain height from the packing layer, for large diameter towers using dry packing, sometimes need to stand on the packing layer filling. The need to pay attention to people who can not stand directly on random packing, to prevent the random packing pressure deformation and uneven density, can be laid on the random packing board so that the force is disperse.

  • Whether using wet packing or dry packing, should be filled by the tower wall to the center to prevent random packing in the tower wall at the bridge, the filler should not be pressed into place to prevent deformation resulting in uneven density. Each section of the filler installation should be completed to check whether the upper end of the filler is pushed flat. If there is high and low unevenness, it should be pushed flat.
  • The inner parts to be welded, such as the random packing support plate, liquid collector, gas-liquid distributor, etc. are completed before the installation of random packing to prevent welding slag from entering the random packing and causing fire. Metal random packing surface oil layer under high temperature conditions of welding slag is easy to cause fire, while plastic random packing is more likely to cause fire. Welding slag left in the tower will also cause liquid distributor blockage, affecting the efficiency of the tower. If some parts must be installed in the packing process or after the completion of the process, they need to lay asbestos cloth, asbestos sheeting, etc. below the welding, so that the welding and random packing isolation.
  • All construction personnel in the tower must wear helmets; ground personnel outside the tower must wear helmets; personnel on the tower must wear safety belts.