Comparing White and Black Titanium Woven Mesh: Performance & Applications

White titanium woven mesh and black titanium woven mesh play a crucial role in various industrial applications. This article provides a comparative analysis of the two, highlighting their unique performance and applications.

A piece of white titanium woven mesh.
White Titanium Woven Mesh
A piece of black titanium woven mesh.
Black Titanium Woven Mesh
Item White Titanium Woven Mesh Black Titanium Woven Mesh
Material Pure titanium wire (Usually TA1, TA2, TA9).
Weaving Method Plain weave (1 – 200), Twill weave (20 – 200)
Surface There are no impurities on the surface. The surface has drawn graphite emulsion.
Applications Suitable for filtering solutions that cannot be contaminated, such as titanium mesh anodes for ion membrane electrolysis cells, anodizing experiments, catalyst carrier mesh, and purification of chemical liquids. Suitable for seawater desalination titanium mesh, chemical filtration. The surface coating can slow down the corrosion of the titanium substrate and extend its service life.
Packing Paper tube + Craft paper + Plastic film + Wooden box/Pallet
White Titanium Woven Mesh
  • Excellent corrosion resistance. White titanium woven mesh has excellent corrosion resistance to most chemicals, including acids, alkalis, and salts.
  • High temperature stability. White titanium woven mesh exhibits good stability in high temperature environments and can withstand the corrosion of high temperature gases and combustion products.
  • Excellent strength and rigidity. White titanium woven mesh has high strength and rigidity, and can resist external impact and pressure.
  • Lightweight. White titanium woven mesh is relatively lightweight, making it suitable for applications that require reducing weight load.
  • Chemical Industry. Due to its excellent corrosion resistance, white titanium woven mesh is commonly used in equipment such as chemical reactors, distillation towers, storage tanks, and piping systems.
  • Oil and Gas Industry. White titanium woven mesh is widely used in environments such as oil and gas extraction, transportation equipment, and offshore oil platforms, as it can resist erosion from seawater and corrosive gases.
  • Medical Field. White titanium woven mesh plays an important role in medical instruments, artificial joints, and implants, because it has good biocompatibility with human tissues.
Black Titanium Woven Mesh
  • High Strength and Wear Resistance. Black titanium woven mesh, after surface treatment, has higher strength and wear resistance.
  • Good Conductivity. Black titanium woven mesh has excellent conductivity, making it suitable for applications such as electromagnetic shielding and static dissipation.
  • High Temperature Resistance. Black titanium woven mesh can maintain stability in high temperature environments without deformation or melting.
  • Aerospace Industry. Due to its high strength and lightweight characteristics, black titanium woven mesh is widely used in aerospace components, engine parts, and gas turbines.
  • Electronics and Communication Industry. Black titanium woven mesh is used for electronic device shielding, RF windows, and connectors, providing effective electromagnetic interference shielding.
  • Automotive Industry. The application of black titanium woven mesh in automotive exhaust systems is gaining attention due to its high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and lightweight characteristics.

The comparison between white titanium woven mesh and black titanium woven mesh showcases their unique advantages in various industries. By understanding their characteristics, engineers can make informed decisions to optimize their use in different applications.

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