Leaf Filter Element
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Leaf Filter Element with A Long Service Life

Leaf filter element is generally constructed of 5 layers of metal woven mesh with different mesh counts by riveting. As the filter elements of the pressure leaf filter, generally 10 to 60 leaf filter elements are evenly placed. At the bottom, they are inserted into the mainifold that collects the filtrate. At the top, they are clamped by leaf clamping bar with spacer rings for easy installation and removal. Leaf filter elements can work with a variety of filtering aids and is suitable for decolorization filtration, pharmaceutical oil filtration, crystallization separation process, etc. in the production of oil and grease and chemicals.

Leaf filter elements are made of stainless steel (304, 316, 316L). We can choose the right leaf filter element to match up with your application according to your filtration environments.

Multiple leaf filter elements are displayed.
Working Principle

Pressure leaf filters are divided into vertical pressure leaf filters and horizontal pressure leaf filters. Let's take the vertical pressure leaf filter as an example to explain how it works.

First, the liquid to be filtered flows in from the inlet at the bottom of the filter and moves upward under the action of pressure to make the liquid evenly distributed on every leaf filter element. Both sides of the filter element play the role of filtration. Impurities are trapped on the surface and clean liquid flows into the mainfold connected with the filter leaves through the central drainage layer and flows out from the outlet. When the impurities on the surface of the filter element reaches a certain thickness and the filtration efficiency slows down, compressed gas is blown into the filter housing. Dry the filter cake and shake it off to the butterfly valve at the bottom of the filter through the pneumatic vibration valve at the top of the filter and discharge the filter cake.

The working principle of leaf filter elements in the pressure leaf filter

Every filter leaf consists of a drainage mesh, 2 layers of support mesh and 2 layers of fine filter mesh. Filter mesh adopts plain weave, plain Dutch weave, plain or twill reverse Dutch weave. Drain mesh and supporting mesh adopts plain weave, fine filter mesh adopts plain weave, plain Dutch weave, reverse plain Dutch weave or reverse Dutch twill weave.

The detailed construction of leaf filter element
Table 1: Specifications of Leaf Filter Element Wire Mesh
Construction Mesh Wire Thickness (mm) Aperture (μm)
1 layer of drainage mesh Plain weave, 4 × 4 1.6 4750
2 layers of support mesh Plain weave, 8 × 8 0.7 2470
2 layers of fine filter mesh Plain weave, 60 × 60 0.18 240
Plain Dutch weave, 24 × 110 0.54 152
Plain Dutch weave, 24 × 128 0.58 75
Plain Dutch weave, 30 × 150 0.53 85
Reverse plain Dutch weave, 132 × 32 0.77 91
Reverse Dutch twill weave, 325 × 40 0.73 100
  • Material: stainless steel (304, 316, 316L)
  • Filter rating: 3–80 μm
  • Filter efficiency: 98%
  • Shape: Rectangular, square, round
  • Applicable filter: vertical pressure leaf filters and horizontal pressure leaf filters
  • Weave type: plain weave, plain Dutch weave, reverse plain Dutch weave, reverse twill dutch weave
Leaf filter element specification coding interpretation
Table 2: Specification of Rectangular Leaf Filter Element
Model Height (mm) Width (mm) Filter Area (m2)
BD-RLF-92-54 920 540 1.00
BD-RLF-92-60 920 600 1.10
BD-RLF-92-61 920 610 1.12
BD-RLF-92-62 920 620 1.14
BD-RLF-125-45 1250 450 1.13
BD-RLF-125-66 1250 660 1.65
BD-RLF-125-72 1250 720 1.80
BD-RLF-125-77 1250 770 1.93
BD-RLF-135-90 1350 900 2.43
BD-RLF-135-100 1350 1000 2.70
BD-RLF-150-100 1500 1000 3.00
BD-RLF-150-120 1500 1200 3.60
BD-RLF-165-120 1650 1200 3.96
BD-RLF-165-140 1650 1400 4.62
Notes: Square and round leaf filter elements are also available upon request.
  • Corrosion, acid and alkali resistant material
  • Work with various filtering aids to enhance the filtering effect.
  • High filtration precision
  • Multiple leaf filter elements for filtration, providing a large filter area and high filtration efficiency
  • Easy to install, low maintenance costs
  • Reusable, cost saving
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