Micro Expanded Mesh – Metal Filters for Effective Support

Micro expanded mesh is a versatile and adaptable metal mesh material that can be made into rolls or sheets and supports pressing, forming, and welding. Its thickness and mesh size can be customized to suit the requirements, allowing flexible application in various scenarios and the realization of 2D or 3D structures. Micro expanded mesh can be used as a strong support structure for filter cartridges, especially for materials such as non-woven fabrics and activated carbon, or as a filtration material.

It meets all filtration requirements and grades, ensuring strength and maintaining compatibility with particles and media. Its applications include metal mesh air filters, air intake filters, and washable filters to filter out dust and grease effectively.

In addition, the physical properties of micro expanded mesh ensures that the mesh is hard and supportive, and it is widely used for the protection of electronic components, the support of filters, and the interior of electronic equipment radiators.

A piece of hand-held micro expanded mesh
A corner of a piece of metal mesh air filter on a desktop
Micro expanded metal mesh for metal mesh air filter
An electronic component with an outer sleeve of a micro expanded metal mesh assembly
Micro expanded metal mesh as support for electronic products
A micro expanded metal mesh cylinder that rests on a dining table mat.
Micro expanded metal mesh for rolling grill basket
  • Economical. It is an alternative to perforated mesh. There is minimal waste of raw metal material in the production process.
  • One-piece construction. Cutting and stretching techniques provide an integrated, uniform surface that will not loosen during the filtration process, providing a rigid support structure for the filter elements.
  • Variety of sizes. Flexible and versatile thickness and mesh configurations allow for a wider range of filtration accuracy.
  • Variety of materials. Aluminium, stainless steel, galvanized, copper, and other alloy materials can be processed for it.
  • Customization support. It can be made into other types and shapes according to client's requirements.

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