High-Frequency Vibrating Screen Mesh
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High-Frequency Vibrating Screen Mesh for High Efficiency Fine Powder Separation

High-frequency vibrating screens for screening machinery are primarily utilized in the mineral processing industry. They are used to separate feeds containing solid and crushed ores down to less than 200 μm in size and are applicable to both perfectly wetted and dried feed. The frequency of the screen is mainly controlled by an electromagnetic vibrator which is mounted above and directly connected to the screen surface and can be adjustable.

High-frequency vibrating screens usually operate at an inclined angle and can go up to a maximum of 45°. They should operate with a low stroke and have a frequency of 5,000 to 6,000 RPM. Pre-treatment of the feed is often required before the use of the high frequency screen, as the apertures in the screen may become easily blocked.

High frequency vibrating screen mesh and its corresponding products
  • Screen material: SS304, and SS316
  • Diameter of screen surface: 560–1,930 mm
  • Layers of screen: 1–5
  • Mesh size: 2–500 mesh
High Frequency Vibrating Screen Mesh Specification
Item Diameter of Screen Surface
Layer Mesh Size
HF-1 560 1–5 2–500
HF-2 760 1–5 2–500
HF-3 930 1–5 2–500
HF-4 1,130 1–5 2–500
HF-5 1,430 1–5 2–500
HF-6 1,730 1–5 2–500
HF-7 1,930 1–5 2–500
  • Lightweight and durable structure
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Stable performance
  • Precise screening
  • Simple and convenient operation
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