Pipeline Filter Effectively Removes Impurities in Fluids

In chemical, petroleum, food and other industrial production, pipeline filters are an indispensable filtration device in pipeline systems for conveying media. If pipeline filters are not installed, solid particles in the upstream pipeline will flow into the downstream with the liquid and cause damage to downstream pumps, compressors and other key equipment, thus affecting the production. When the pipeline filters are installed, they can remove solid particles in fluids and ensure the smooth operation of pipeline systems, making the fluid cleaner and getting ideal industrial products.

How Boedon Solve?

Boedon supplies 4 types of pipeline filters, they are T strainer basket filters, Y strainer filters, temporary strainers and basket filters. We can choose the right pipeline filters for your pipeline systems according to your liquid flow rate and filter media to remove impurities in liquids and protect the downstream key components.