Sintered Mesh Self Cleaning Filter
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Sintered Mesh Self Cleaning Filter Offers Great Cleaning Effects

Sintered mesh self cleaning filter is a filter element constructed of multiple layers of woven mesh and an outer perforated metal sheet by sintering. It is installed in automatic self cleaning filters to intercept suspended solids and particles in the fluid, reduce turbidity and remove system impurities, thus purifying the water quality. It features good air permeability, high mechanical strength, and great self cleaning effect, and is widely used in the automatic self cleaning filters in petroleum, paper & pulp, chemical, natural gas, food, and water treatment industries.

Sintered mesh self cleaning filters are made of stainless steel, Hastelloy or other alloys. We can choose the right material to perfectly match up with your filtration environments.

A sintered mesh self cleaning filter is displayed.
Working Principle

The liquid enters the self cleaning filter and passes through the wedge wire screen inside to start the filtration process. Various dirt, particles in the liquid will build on gradually on the inner screen surface, and differential pressure gradually increases as well. When the differential pressure reaches the preset value, the control system will receive the signal, the self cleaning process begins. A part of filtered liquid (less than 1%) reenters the filter body, the motor drives the brush (scraper) to rotate to clean the screen and effectively remove the contaminants deposited on the screen surface. Meanwhile, the drain valve opens for discharging, the self cleaning process lasts about 12–18 seconds. During the entire self cleaning period, normal filtration part will be continuous with very low flow rate fluctuation.

The working principle diagram of sintered mesh self cleaning filter
  • Material: stainless steel (304, 316L, etc.), Monel, Hastelloy, etc.
  • Construction: perforated metal sintered mesh
  • Max. operating temperature: 480 °C
  • Filter rating: 2–500 μm
Sintered mesh self cleaning filter specification coding interpretation
Table 1: Specifications of Sintered Mesh Self Cleaning Filter
Model Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Filter Area (m2)
BD-SSC-8-20 80 200 0.10
BD-SSC-16-40 160 400 0.40
BD-SSC-24-60 240 600 0.90
BD-SSC-32-80 320 800 1.61
BD-SSC-40-100 400 1000 2.51
Notes: Other specifications are available upon request.
  • High mechanical strength, durable
  • Stable pore size
  • Stable filter rating
  • Simple structure, easy removal
  • Corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance
  • Good cleaning effect
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