The Weight Calculation Way for Woven Wire Mesh

(For wire mesh with square hole only): 
You can easily get the weight when having the following information:

  1. Wire diameter (must be in MM). 
  2. Mesh Number per inch. 
  3. Roll/Piece Width (must be in Meter) 
  4. Roll/Piece Length (must be in Meter) 
  5. For Materials of Iron, Steel, or Stainless Steel, 

Example 1:

Gal. Welded Wire Mesh 1/2inch x 1/2inch x 0.711MM X 3Feet X 100Feet

Example 2:

S.S. wire mesh 100mesh x 100mesh x 0.10MM x 1M x 30M

That means the theory weight of S.S. mesh 100mesh x 100mesh x 0.1MM per 1M x 30M roll is 15.0KG. 
Sometimes factory offered the weight to be 14.7kg as the weight tolerance is around 2%.


This weight calculation formula can be applied to Iron, Steel, or S.S. wire mesh with square hole.