Balanced Belt

Balanced Belt

Knitted Wire Mesh - Balanced Belt


The left-wound and right-wound spirals are alternately arranged and jointed with the pre-crimped rods.


  • Widest range of application.
  • Stable construction for straight belt running. 

Wire Conveyor Belt

Applications: Chemical machinery ,freezing food,Machinery,canned food. Machinery,Sea food machinery ,Continuous Baking Machinery , Heat Treatment Machinery,Glass machinery, Mining Belt, General purpose conveyors , Special conveyors.

Materials: SUS 304#(Corrosion resistance),SUS 316#(Acid resistance or alkall resistance),SUS 310S,AISI314,SUH 330(Heat resistance),soft steel wire,Zinced steel wire and other specified wire.

Belt Selections: Balanced belt,Compound balanced belt,One directton belt,Chain belt,Flat wire belt,Ladder belt,Curve conveyor belt,Special process belt,Plywood veneer dryer belt.

Balanced Belt
Order Particulars
a - pitch(the distance from the centre of cross rod to the centre of cross rod) ml - length of end eye
b - rising(the distance from the center of spiral wire to the centre of spiral wire) l - number of cross bars per a pitch
c - diameter of spiral wires or wire loop L - belt length
d - diameter of cross rod S - belt width
m - mesh(the distance between wires)