Boedon offers knitted wire mesh mufflers for auto parts of filtration and cleaning devices.

Knitted Wire Mufflers

Knitted Wire Mesh - Knitted Wire Mufflers


Knitted wire mesh makes ideal muffler materials. Its unique dimensional structures provide exceptionally efficient absorption of high-energy sound. Beyond acting as a physical barrier, mesh also causes sound to vibrate as it imparts the wire surface. It converts sound to thermal energy, effectively dampening, absorbing, and dissipating equipment and plant-generated noise through an intricate path between a sound source and the ear.

Materials: Knitted wire mesh in stainless steel, brass or other metals.

Knitted Wire Mesh Mufflers Features & Benefits:

  • Long service life;
  • Cost effective;
  • High separation efficiencies.
  • Manufactured from corrosion-resistant stainless steel - withstands attack from exhaust acids
  • Outstanding sound attenuating properties
  • Available in roll, tube or die cut shapes
  • Easily installed by the muffler manufacturer
  • Reduces gas erosion of fibers - enhances muffler lifespan

Knitted wire mesh mufflers are mainly used for automobiles. Being reliable and cost effective, knitted wire mufflers is ideal for low-temperature gasoline and diesel underbody systems. Generally, these engines do not produce enough heat to fully expand mat support systems.

Knitted Wire Mufflers
Knitted Wire Mufflers

Boedon is the knitted wire mesh specialists. Boedon produce all kinds of knitted mesh and compressed knitted wire Products. These products include knitted mesh fabric, knitted wire mesh gaskets, knitted mesh filter, knitted mesh engine breathers, knitted wire mufflers, knitted wire demister pad, knitted mesh mist eliminator, and knitted wire mesh shielding.

These knitted meshes mainly serve the following industries: cleaning of the filter, plastic and die, mufflers, shock absorber mounts, soundproof generator pad, air conditioning humidifier pad, to capture the flame of the wireless signal shielding, sealing in harsh environments. Our knitted wire products with a variety of materials. The available material include stainless steel, galvanized steel, Aluminium, copper, Nickel and copper nickel alloys. We can also made knitted mesh into all shapes, such as: knitted wire mesh tapes, knitted wire mesh rolls and ginning knitted mesh. We can compress our products into various forms. For example: cylindrical, round disc, ring, oval, rectangle, bottle-shaped, as well as various other special shapes.

We focus on product development and production of knitted mesh. Our product quality is guaranteed. We provide knitted mesh with variety materials, variety diameter sizes and various shapes. Meeting customer’s all knitted wire mesh project needs is our primary goal.