• About Us
  • Boedon Industech Co.,Ltd. manufacture & fabricate specialty steel and specialty alloys wire mesh, creative metal fabrics.


    Such as: super duplex wire mesh, hastelloy-B wire mesh, hastelloy c-276 wire mesh, hastelloy X wire mesh, inconel

    600 wire mesh, inconel 601 wire mesh, inconel 625 wire mesh, inconel 718 wire mesh, incoloy 800 mesh, kanthal D

    wire cloth, alloy L605 wire mesh, molybdenum (moly) wire cloth, monel-400 wire mesh, nichrome wire cloth, nickel

    wire cloth, silver wire cloth, tantalum standard grade wire cloth, titanium wire cloth, tungsten wire cloth, hardware

    cloth, stainless steel wire mesh, aluminum wire cloth, brass wire cloth, bronze wire cloth, copper wire cloth, welded

    wire meshes, RFI shielding, knitted wire mesh, wire conveyor belt, balanced belt, spiral conveyor belt, ladder belt,

    double spiral belt, sani grid belt, curve conveyor belt, wire ring belt, flat wire belt, rod reinforced belt, welded wire

    mesh, expanded metal, perforated metal, creative matel fabrics, specialty insect screens, screen wire, wire screen

    and screenmesh, micronic mesh, sintered wire mesh laminates, diffusion bonded wire meshes, wire mesh filter discs

    and slitting services.

    The Boedon’s line of wire mesh is widely used in applications such as filters, strainers, baskets, sieves, separators,

    architecture and sorters. Woven wire mesh is the ideal choice for applications that require both precision and strength.

    This advanced material is available in various alloys, and forms such as rolls,cut pieces, and custom sizes. Weave types

    include plain, twill, Dutch, twilled Dutch, and reverse Dutch Thevarieties of woven wire cloth material, weave designs

    allow this material to be used in many common and not so common applications. This includes filters, strainers, gas diffu

    -sion, dewatering, burners, vent and Nox screens, sizing/sifting, drying and much more. 

    The Boedon produce certain unique or hard to find specialty materials like our architectural meshes, designer cabinet 

    screens, our high transparency ( 95%open area), welded and woven decorative screen meshes.

    We welcome your special requirements, your special alloy needs, and can produce your prototypes or 

    production runs on time due to flexible manufacturing schedules. The mesh produced by Boegger meet

    all ASTM &ISO requirements. Whether your needs require sheets or rolls we can provide the highest 

    quality wire mesh for customers and projects.